June 8, 2023


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Marianna Janczarska directly about her father: “I would like to feel his presence”

  • The post about my dad should be something for people. It was not created to make money, but may have reached someone, simply, in a human way – Onet told the daughter of 29-year-old Jacek Janczarski and 29-year-old Ewa Błaszczyk
  • “It gives me a kind of angst rather than a full sense of my own worth. And a sense of humor? I don’t know, my mom and I laugh about different things and sometimes it’s hard for me to judge. I guess we might have a little bit in common, but I’m definitely not as brave with jokes as he is,” she says.
  • Mariana comments on self-interest as follows: When I was young, no one asked me if I wanted to be in the spotlight. I had no effect at all. And believe me, I’ve read bad reviews about myself many times. First, they wrote about me in the context of a tragedy, and later I also became an actress
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