Battlefield 2042 - Maps will get some improvement
March 3, 2022, 20:50

The maps in Battlefield 2042 will get changes. It will come into effect with the start of the first season. The kaleidoscope will be the first thing to do with the lift.

In short:

  1. Studio DICE announced it on the charts at Battlefield 2042 More covers will appear.
  2. The distance between the flags will be reduced.
  3. The number of players in hack mode can be reduced to 64.
  4. The first batch of map patches will appear this summer.

Released in November Battlefield 2042 It failed in many ways. However, it seems that EA DICE studio is not disarming and still trying to fix the title. One of the main problems in production is the poor design of the maps – this aspect must be improved in the future.

Map changes

In the new official entry the side The games are chosen by the developers based on the opinions of the players The main problems of the plague are available in Battlefield 2042 maps. They also discussed how they are trying to deal with them.

The image below shows what the prototype for the planned map update looks like kaleidoscope (the right of hack mode compared to its current design.

Maps in Battlefield 2042 will get some improvements - Illustration #1


The same list, except for those in opening mode:

Maps in Battlefield 2042 will get some improvements - Illustration #2


roaming around

The developers realized that the distance between the flags (capture points) and the base was too large:

We’ve seen that you use terms like “walking simulator” to describe how you feel in the game. We understand that this is not a satisfactory experience and agree that the total travel time is too long.

  1. The developers are trying to solve this problem by Decrease the distance from the base to the flags closest to it. Developers are open to further suggestions.


The developers are also aware of the chaos that occurs when capturing certain flags. It is associated with both a crowd of 128 players on the server and several vehicles on the map at the same time.

  1. The team wonders if it’s not the best option Reduce the number of players playing in Breakthrough 128 to 64.
  2. DICE is also studying the possibility of Reduce the number of vehicles Available on maps.
  3. Changes to the ticketing system must also be made in the above situation.

More covers

Probably the biggest problem in Maps Battlefield 2042 There are a few coverings scattered around – natural (like rocks) and man-made (like concrete walls). Some even amusingly comparing it to the default Windows XP wallpaper, Idyll.

  1. Fortunately, that too is about to change. More places where we can hide from enemy firewe will see both near the capture points, as well as on the slopes of the land in between.

Better tracks to your goal

At this point, the maps are in the format Battlefield 2042 It consists largely of flat land. Thus, when you defend a certain point, the opponents attack you from all possible sides.

  1. This aspect is not overlooked by the staff Dice. They have plans to rearrange the maps so that One can more or less predict the directions from which the enemy is likely to attack certain point, and secure these routes in advance.

When will these changes occur?

The main priority of the developer is the changes to the Kaleidoscope map and hack mode. They will come with the first show The first seasonWhich won’t be available in the game until summer. Improvements to the remaining maps will be implemented gradually.

What then?

The maps that will be added to the game in the future should be smaller Of those available for first viewing. Perhaps it will also change its shape:

We’re also thinking about reshaping the maps to give them a greater sense of direction. We think that’s a departure from the typical of battlefield A square game area in favor of a rectangular one, often used in older versions of the series, might encourage you to push forward rather than sides.

  1. Let’s hope DICE can finally fix it Battlefield 2042 And he will not share the fate of the abolished next anthem.

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