‘Batgirl’ director breaks silence on canceled DC film
Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah are currently promoting their Belgian film “Rebel” in America. This is the perfect opportunity for reporters to ask about DC’s canceled spin-off Max “Batgirl.” The managers revealed the secret.

“Batgirl” was completely different from “The Flash.”

Elaraby and Fallah say that as originally planned, Warner Bros. “Batgirl” was supposed to be released on Max after the cinematic premiere of “The Flash.”. Thus, it was supposed to be a continuation of Michael Keaton’s return to the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately, a change in strategy meant that Warner Bros. Discovery would have been more profitable to cancel the film, which was already in post-production.

Now Al-Arabi told The Insider: Our opinion “flash” And we were sad. We love Andy Muschietti and his sister who produced the film. But when we watched it, we felt like we could have been a part of it all. We didn’t have the opportunity to show it to the world “Bat Girl” Relying on the judgment of the public. However, the viewers are our absolute bosses. They decide what is good and what is bad, what should be shown and what should not.

Al-Arabi added that as well “Bat Girl” It was a completely different movie “flash”. It had fewer fantastic elements and was closer to reality. exit He compared the world of his film to that of Tim Burton’s Gotham.

However, Falah announced that the guys would be happy to continue cooperation with DC Studios: We have a feeling of unfinished business. Our love for DC, Batman, Batgirl, and Gotham City is so great that we can’t say no to another project.

What do we know about “Batgirl”?

Details of the plot are unknown. The cast included, among others: Leslie Grace (as Batgirl), J. K. Simmons (as Commissioner Gordon) and Michael Keaton (as Batman).

Batgirl appeared in DC Comics in 1961. At the time, it was Betty Kane who donned the superhero costume as Batwoman’s sidekick. However, the true beginning of Batgirl is considered to be the year 1967 and the comic book “Million Dollar Batgirl’s Debut!”. In this version, Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, was behind the Batgirl costume. It was this version of heroin that would appear in the new show.

“Flash” movie trailer

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