Assassin’s Creed – SI Show the Polish hero of the famous Ubisoft series.  It sounds cool, but the characters from other countries are atmospheric too

Artificial intelligence showed what the Polish hero in the Assassin’s Creed series could look like. The graphics look great, the atmosphere, and individual countries can be happy killing it. It must be admitted that the Polish protagonist gives an exceptionally good performance, and Estonia is a mix between Sub Zero. See for yourself.


It often happens that when watching a movie or series, we feel happy when we see a character of Polish origin on the screen. Fortunately, this is not as rare as you might think, and this also applies to popular titles. Examples are three funny Polish scenes in Marvel productions. The situation is similar in the case of gamers who eagerly search for Polish accents in game productions. Fortunately, we can also find a lot of references to our country. But now there are more of them.

The gaming industry boasts a large list of popular and powerful gaming brands. We’re talking about a series that absolutely everyone knows, even if they haven’t tried any of the parts themselves, which is surprising. The series is definitely one of them Doctrine killer Ubisoft. To date, several parts of this unique series of stories about the Order of Assassins and their battle against the eternal enemy, the Knights Templar, have been published. The latest digital batch, in Assassin’s Creed Miragedebuted on October 5, 2023 and turned out to be a return to the brand’s roots.

Interestingly, there is also another new game set in the universe on the market, namely Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice. We will also soon see a mobile production and additions to the above are scheduled AC Mirage.

Unfortunately, it is a popular series Doctrine killer You never lived to see anything like the Polish hero. Well, after all, none of the games are set in our country, which is understandable, given the specificity of these titles and their gameplay. However, maybe one day a surprise will happen and such a title will be created. Meanwhile, while we wait for Him, we can see What would the Polish hero look like? Doctrine killer.

This has been made possible thanks to an AI graphics creator that has become more popular recently. appearance Characters from different countries as members of the Assassin Order I decided to check out the Uprising AI YouTube channel team. There was also a Polish actor among them and it must be admitted that he makes a big impressionWhile remaining in the unique atmosphere of the series. This is not surprising, because the colors are somewhat reminiscent of the clothes of the classic characters from the series. But not as much as the French assassin, who closely resembles Ezio Auditore, or the German assassin, who seems to have been inspired by Edward Kenway.

The situation is a little different in the case of the hero Creed fought From Estonia, which gives the impression that it is the result of merging the series with Mortal Kombat. This AI-generated version of the character can be compared to a cross between the Assassin and Sub Zero.

It’s happening in Poland and around the world – read on

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