June 6, 2023


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Arsenal disaster.  They lost the Champions League at the last minute football

Arsenal disaster. They lost the Champions League at the last minute football

two weeks ago Arsenal He was four points ahead of Tottenham. Top competitors competed for fourth place in the table Premier Leaguewho is rewarded Game In the group stage Champions League. But the “Gunners” fell into a head-to-head clash with the “Roosters” 0:3. Despite this, with the queue to the end, they still had the advantage and everything was in their hands.

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on Sunday Tottenham He beat Burnley 1-0 and jumped over his eternal rival. He didn’t play his game until Monday. had a meeting with Newcastle. Arsenal He had to win to get back to fourth place. But after the first half, the scoreboard was 0-0.

Arsenal disaster. They lost the Champions League in the penultimate round

In the second part, Arsenal is already up against the wall. In the 55th minute, Ben White tried to cut the play from the wing to the field criminal your team. Unfortunately, he did it so unfortunate that he shot the ball into his own net. Arsenal were losing 0:1 and set out to catch up. However, it did not work out, and the guests had to be careful not to run into a Newcastle counterattack. In the 63rd minute, Callum Wilson hit a ball from the penalty area, but he missed. In the 79th minute, the hosts spoiled a two-to-one counterattack, and in the 81st minute Wilson tried to surprise the advancing goalkeeper from several tens of meters, but he was a little wrong.

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There was no mistake in the 85th minute. After a fatal error in Arsenal’s defense line, the ball hit the penalty area after a square pass. Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale outplayed the home team’s striker but bounced the ball back so unfortunate that it landed at Bruno GuimarĂ£es’ feet. He aimed it at goal and Arsenal found themselves in a deadlock. lost 0:2.

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This means that it ranks fourth in the table TottenhamWhich is two points ahead of Arsenal. In theory, the “gunners” may still be ahead of their competitor. But in practice, it would be an incredible miracle. Tottenham satisfied with the draw in the last one match season. They will play away from home with the weakest team on the field, namely Norwich City. Arsenal will end the season at home with Everton. Remember that “Gunners” last time in Champions League They played in 2017. All indications are that they will have to keep waiting.