March 24, 2023


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Michniewicz in Mexico squad: Anything can still happen

Michniewicz in Mexico squad: Anything can still happen

The coach revealed that he was planning an introductory training when he arrived. He also revealed the reason why Biao Zeroni did not play any friendly matches immediately. “You can’t play friendlies in Qatar, and Fifa didn’t allow it. The solution was to play in the UAE, but it was decided to play against Chile. But we have to adapt. We have to accept it and work on it,” he said. – We are aware that the match against Chile was two days ago Only, and there is still a journey. There will be introductory classes. We want objects to feel different temperatures – we added a limiter.

27 players take part in the first training for the national team in Qatar. – Everyone will participate in the training, including Michał Skóraś. We will not develop much in the near future, but we will define the most important things when it comes to tactics, attack, defense and free kicks.