New discoveries about the Milky Way Galaxy The European Space Agency has provided amazing data

ESA’s Gaia space telescope has been observing the sky since 2014, and as ESA points out, “this mission has already turned our understanding of the Milky Way on its head several times over.” Now, another surprising discovery has been made in addition to the conclusions researchers reached by analyzing data from Gaia.

One of the goals of the Gaia telescope is to discover the history of our galaxy. The telescope helps achieve this by examining the wrinkles created as a result The Milky Way collides with other galaxies.

The Gaia Space Telescope continues to provide vital information, and now it has helped determine just that The last major collisions in the Milky Way occurred suddenly recently. Researcher Thomas Donlon and his team published the results of their analyzes of this collision in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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