A 4-year-old child was found unconscious Saturday evening at a home in the vicinity of Band Via in Laval. All hypotheses are currently being examined, confirmed by the Service de Police de Laval (SPL).

Leah Carrier

Leah Carrier

At 6:40 a.m. Saturday, emergency services were called for a child who had fainted at a home in Ru Pasin in Bond-Via. Police arrived at the scene and carried out a heart-wrenching maneuver to revive the child.

He was then cared for by paramedics, who took him to a hospital. “We are still waiting for his health to return,” SPL said.

He continued that police would meet the three men who were at the scene. “We are still at the beginning of the investigation, so all the hypotheses are being examined. Is this a crime or an accident? We will try to clarify this. No further details about the child’s condition have been released.

For now, a large security perimeter has been set up to protect the scene.

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