Iona Katarzyna Paulak delighted with the role of Justina Orzelska in "Nad Niemnem"

  • Iwona Katarzyna Pawlak completed her third year of studies at Film School when she won acting for the role of Justyna Orzelska in the adaptation of the novel by Eliza Orzeszkowa
  • During the promotion of “Nad Niemnem” she met an agent, thanks to whom she began to make her career in New Zealand. Then she also tried her hand at modeling
  • For nearly four decades, she has been married to actor Jacek Pawlak. They live in Powiśle, Warsaw
  • At the end of January this year. Iona Katarzina Pawlak will start working on the set of the series “Jagiellonowie” on TVP.
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Four years younger Brother Andrei Pyotr Kiselevich followed in the footsteps of the fathers of mathematicians, He lectures at Zielona Góra University. Iona Katarzina chose acting because she has always enjoyed performing on stage. She sang in school choirs, danced in a contemporary dance troupe, and played in puppet shows. She decided to study at Łódź Film School, and her parents accepted her decision. In an interview with the weekly “Życie na Gorało” she confirmed:

I got to the Dream Film School the first time. During her year there was, among other things Cesare BazoraAnd Peter Polk I Wojciech Malajkat. She graduated in 1986. The New Theater in لودód appointed her and waited for the premiere of Elisa Urzyskua’s novel “The Club of Name”.

She was successful and became a captive of one role

The role of Justyna Orzelska in the movie and series “Nad Niemnem” was Iwona Katarzyna Pawlak’s first real debut. She earlier appeared in an episode of the student movie “The Great Erotomancer”. This is how I remembered the circumstances of receiving the role:

When she found out she was going to play Justina Orzelska, she had a moment of doubt. She was afraid that she would not be able to cope. Her husband, Jacek Pawlak, who is also an actor, persuaded her to take part in the film, in which:

To this day, an actress happens to hear: “Good morning, Mrs. Justinka.” He still receives letters from fans who write:

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

when On January 5, 1987, the movie “Ned Name” was shown in Polish cinemasIona Katarzyna Paulak as Justina Orzelska stole the hearts of viewers and earned the appreciation of critics. A talented and beautiful debutante was foreshadowing a brilliant career. Everyone thought that she would be overwhelmed with movie offers, and at the same time, the actress got quite a few supporting roles. Later And the media repeated that the show in the “Nymenm Club” turned into a prison for Iona Katarzyna Pawlak. In interviews, the actress has made it clear that she has never really felt alive in the role of Justina Orzelska.

“I absolutely don’t feel like this role has rated me. Or made me an actress for one. No… after the role of Justina Orzelska I’ve worked very intensely in theaters, first in لودód, then in Poznan, and a little more in Warsaw. The theater filled all my days And she said in an interview with “Gazeta Olsztyńska”, I was not very interested in what they wrote about me in the course of Justyna Orzelska.

Polish star in … New Zealand

While promoting “Nad Niemnem” in Australia, Iwona Katarzyna Pawlak met an agent who offered to help her with a career in New Zealand. I decided to take this opportunity.

“I moved to New Zealand, refined my English. Over time, I started acting in series. I had a great sense of security and comfort in New Zealand. Then I got a taste of the kind of life we ​​live now in our show business. I was more famous there than I was in Poland– she remembers.

It was then that she tried her hand at modeling and it was successful. Wanting to bring her husband to New Zealand, she sent him money for the missed flight. She considered it a sign of fate and returned to her homeland. When she was in Poland, it turned out that the money she sent got to another bank.

In the following years, she often played supporting or episodic roles in cinema films (including “porn”). Marek Kotersky), has also appeared in series (incl. “the church”And “In Good and Evil”And “Time of Honor”). The Most Memorable Creations I Made in “Psy” Part Two Władysław PasikowskiShe played the wife of Second Lieutenant Waldemar Moravec, played by Cesare Bazura. And she reprized her role in the movie “Dogs 3. In the Name of Principles”.

“It’s all just over. Right now, I’m not playing as much as I used to, but I don’t have some kind of failure inside of me. I’ve experienced it all: success is a small pause in acting, but I’ve always believed in myself And that I will meet with another interesting professional offer that will develop me as an actress and artist ”- honestly admitted Katarzyna Pawlak in one of the interviews.

When she had a moment of doubt, she stopped acting and worked in a bank. A few years ago I graduated from production studies. He also wants to work on the other side of the camera. Together with her husband, she teaches young people at the Lubuskie Academy of Creative Research.

The husband is close to the most intimate secrets

For nearly four decades, Mrs. Iona Katarzina has been the wife of Jacek Paulak. They married during the summer vacation after her second year in film school.

“The husband is an actor and director, so there was no difficulty in reconciling private life. We often talk about art and exchange our views. It is very inspiring to me. I can ask about anything and I will always learn something interesting from my wife – I will find out or learn from the artist. He has been with us since I can remember him and he is still here ”- she said in an interview with portal.

They lived in Warsaw in Powiśle. They have no children. They love to go on long walks, making short videos. Favorite roads: Powiśle, azienki, Vistula boulevards, Old Town … In an interview with a journalist from “Gazeta Olsztyńska”, the actress admitted:

But she stressed that her husband is one of her most intimate secrets.

At the end of January 2022, Iona Katarzina Paulak enters the set of the TVP series “Jagiellonowie”, where she will play the role of the herbalist Greta. But in the spring, she will continue shooting for the film and series “Łuna”. In this production he will meet again with Adam Marjański, who played Jan Bohatyrowicz in “Nad Niemnem”.

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