Annuities and pensions.  The head of ZUS presents what awaits retirees in 2023

a. Gertruda Jościeńska spoke to a journalist of the First Polish Radio about the state of the Social Insurance Institution. The head of ZUS assured that this institution will not run out of money.

This year (2022 – editorial note) is really exceptionally good when it comes to collecting Social Security contributions. We collected PLN 376 billion(…) that means it We covered more than 84% of the fund’s expenses with contributions. – said the prof “Jedynka”. Gertrude Osinska.

This year, however, according to estimates, The amount generated by the collection of subscriptions may be higher. And yet ZUS will likely need more financial support than last year. Why? All due to the fact that they are slowly entering retirement age People born during the baby boom.

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Today, there are about 9.8 million people over the age of 60 in Poland. The head of ZUS expected this group to grow significantly in the coming years.

What awaits retirees and retirees this year?

What did the state prepare for retirees this year? – There is a complete agenda of activities that we carry out in relation to legal and legal obligations. Valuation is keyBut this year we are entering a time when we will have more and more retirees, in five years there will be a huge number of them. This means additional expenses for the Pension Fund – said the professor. Gertrude Osinska.

And speaking of appraisal – this year Its rate is estimated at 13.8%.. However, the increase in benefits cannot be less than PLN 250. We will know the final percentage of indices at the end of January, when Central Bureau of Statistics Will publish data on the economic situation of Poland for 2022 – In total, this gives 40 billion Polish zlotys. The head of the radio station explained that it is a responsibility of the Pension Fund, which will then be repaid over the years. And what else are waiting for the elderly?

We are preparing to pay the 13th pension, because by law it will be paid in April. (…]The fourteenth pension will also be paid this year. These costs exceed PLN 20 billion – enumerate the professor. Gertrude Osinska.

Won’t the indicators be equivalent to inflation?

– We need to find out Reassessment refers to the cost of living in the previous year. This is the case in Poland and throughout Europe – the interviewee from “Jedynki” notes. And in order to mitigate the effects of inflation for the elderly, that is why additional benefits such as “thirteen” and “fourteen” appeared.

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