They want to collect PLN 15 billion from Orlen.  Speak objectively.  He has a question for the opposition

On Wednesday afternoon, PKN Orlen’s president, Daniel Obajtek, posted a blog post on X (formerly Twitter) regarding media reports regarding the opposition’s plans for the company’s future.

“I wonder who wants to reduce the value of ORLEN’s concern and influence its financial stability, and what is the purpose of this. The draft law published in the media, which imposes a contribution of PLN 15 billion on ORLEN, means PLN 15 billion less” for investments in Polish energy conversion and other development investments of concern in Poland and abroad. Not to mention the fact that ORLEN is already donating billions to freeze gas prices in Poland,” we read in the entry.

“At first, the opposition attacked the mergers, then announced the dissolution of the company, and today it has caused the value of ORLEN to fall by more than PLN 5.5 billion,” Obajtek added.

This is the information provided by the Wysokie Voltage portal, which It was informally agreed that the Orlin Group would cover most of the costs of the additional freeze on energy, gas and heating prices. “Members of the majority coalition approved a draft law on energy prices, wind farms and a special contribution amounting to approximately PLN 15 billion imposed on Orlen,” the portal notes.

On Tuesday, a group of MPs KO and Trzecia Droga presented a bill to the Chamber of Deputies that would freeze electricity, gas and heating prices for sensitive households and entities until the end of June 2024. It is assumed that the current relative consumption limits will be maintained and the groups covered by protection will be maintained.

The project also provides for increased support for the poorest people in order to eradicate poverty and energy exclusion. In addition, the project recommits to energy trading on the stock exchange and liberalizes the rules for building wind farms.

As stated in the draft, funds to finance support for eligible customers will come from the COVID-19 Fund, which will be financed from the Gas Contribution to the 2022 Price Differential Payment Fund and other funds in the manner provided in the draft. Relevant regulations.

The gas contribution to the Spread Payment Fund for 2022 is planned to be on similar terms to the gas contribution to the Spread Payment Fund for 2023. The expected financing to support beneficiaries of the Covid-19 Fund is set at PLN 16.5 billion.

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