New settings in Android

Android will be easier to configure in terms of security. The redesigned settings were presented on the occasion of the premiere of the Pixel 7 smartphones. Google showed off a new and popular rendering of options already known from Android, such as blocking the device or managing the update.

Write about the details Android Police. Google wants to make it easier for Android users to manage all their privacy and security options, so it was judged that it would be more convenient to do so Within one view of the settings. In one place, there will be shortcuts to preferences related to application security, smartphone lock, system update or the function of finding a device when it is lost.

From the same place, the user will know if Android has any security issue or if a particular app is not working properly. Additional information will be available after scanning the device. The system will suggest what can be done to fix the problem. One solution might be to remove the malicious application.

New settings in Android
Image source: © Android Police, Google

New settings in Android

Android Police indicates that in line with Google’s announcement The new option is to press “Soon” on the new pixels, and “Later” on other phones. Since it was created, the new view of the security settings is practically part of Android 13 QPR Beta 2, but this version has not yet infected users.

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