slag.  Lure wolves with huge money.  Who will break the given word?

Number 1 on the Krosno residents’ wish list is Fogo player Unia Leszno. Jason Doyle. The Australian, as the first of the world’s leading players, agreed in June with Liszno to launch in the 2023 season, but did not sign the contract. He won’t be able to do this until November 1, so the wolves are trying to convince him to give up his word. The show world champion of 2017 is huge. For just signing the contract with Podkarpacie, he will receive 1 million zlotys, and 12,000 for each point. Compared to Leszno, where his earnings are at a level of 800,000 to prepare for the season and 8,000 for a point, this is a very profitable proposition. An additional argument in favor of next year’s newcomer PGE Ekstraliga is that in Krosno it will be easier for him to score a point than in Leszno.

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On the other hand, given the pace of Leszno’s junior team and considering that the Russians probably won’t return to the league, Fogo Unia may have a good chance of progressing to the semi-finals next year. That means for Doyle six more games in one season than Krosno, who is struggling to keep.

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