Xbox Game Pass and GeForce NOW portable console in first pictures.  Logitech and Tencent make the hardware

Earlier this month, Logitech announced a partnership with Tencent to create a portable console for cloud gaming. The device was presented in the first shots.

Playing in the cloud not only gives more and more possibilities, but is also increasingly popular among gamers, so no one should be surprised that electronics manufacturers are trying their hand and working on devices based on a relatively new form of gameplay. Logitech and Tencent are jointly preparing the platform presented in the first images.

To begin with, it should be noted that the following material is not official, because Logitech and Tencent have not yet presented the device, however, three drawings illustrating the portable console have been made available on the network.

In the images we see a device with a classic analog system, which we know, among other things, from Nintendo Switch or Xbox controllers. The d-pad is recessed on the left, while on the right there are four function buttons marked Y / B / A / X – the layout of the keys is the same as in the case of Microsoft console pads. At the top there are buttons for voice control, but also a switch responsible for turning on and off and possibly a card slot.

The developers added a yellow button with Logitech set, and a key landed on the other side, which should send the launcher to the device menu. The producer did not forget about the starters and fenders. The structure of the device is designed to ensure maximum comfort during the game.

The screen displays the logo for Xbox (Xbox Cloud Gaming), NVIDIA (GeForce Now), as well as Steam (streaming?). The device will also provide us with access to the browser and YouTube.


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