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“Palworld” beat out “Cyberpunk 2077” on CD Projekt. New Pokemon breaks new records


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The inspiration from the famous Pokemon in the game “Palworld” is very obvious, but it turns out that it fully meets the expectations of players around the world. The title from the Japanese studio PocketPair, which premiered on the Steam digital platform before the weekend, turned out to be a hit in sales and overtook CD Projekt's “Cyberpunk 2077” in terms of number of players.

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Referred to as “Pokémon with guns”, it is an adventure game after the title “Palworld” debuted on January 19 on the digital sales platform Steam It quickly became a huge sales success. According to the manufacturer, More than 5 million copies of the game were sold in the first 3 daysOn Sunday alone, sales reached an average of 86,000. 1 pcs per hour.

According to Steam data, 1.454 million players played the game simultaneously, making it the third best game in the history of platform statistics. Thus, “Palworld” surpasses “Cyberpunk 2077”. Which has had just over 1.05 million concurrent players in its history. Latest Steam Hits It also became the second most played paid title in the platform's historyright after “PUBG Battlegrounds” before it switched to a free-to-play model.

“Parlworld” can currently be purchased on Steam for PLN 125.09. The game stayed It has been released in Early Access at the momentSo this is not the final version of the game, and player reviews and comments are intended to help in its development. So far reviews are “very positive” Of the over 41,000 current reviews as of Monday afternoon, 93% are positive.

It turned out that “Palworld” perfectly met the expectations of the players. The title takes them to a “fairytale” world filled with colorful creatures called… “friends”, It's confusingly similar to the popular Pokemon. They can be collected and raised but also have battles with each other, including with different types of firearms, or kill them for their own needs and force them to do slave labor in order to simply survive in the seemingly candy-colored game world.

The title has been controversial from the beginning due to accusations of plagiarism regarding the Pokémon series, which Marcin Barzala writes about in more detail on the site.
gray-online.pl. Furthermore, the sales success caused numerous issues on the game's multiplayer servers. Latest hit In addition to PC, it is also available on Xbox Series


Independent Japanese studio PocketPair is responsible for its production and publication. “Palworld” is their second survival project after “Craftopia”. Unfortunately, you cannot take advantage of commercial success and buy studio shares on the stock exchange. However, the example shows how unpredictable the gaming industry is and how unpredictable players' choices can be.

budget The game was expected to exceed 1 billion yen, or approximately $6.76 million (at the current exchange rate), and it turns out that the low-budget game could go down in history as the most popular game on Steam. New players are constantly arriving, and concurrent player stats are rising again. I think the snowball effect is starting to work, attracting new people interested in the game phenomenon.

source: Bankier.pl

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