Ancient magnetic field.  Astronomers have not yet reached this point

Astronomers have been trying to solve the mystery for many years How early magnetic fields formed around galaxies. Thanks to the new discovery, the timeline has changed significantly. Thanks to ALMA’s capabilities, they were able to observe the galaxy 9io9, which needed light 11 billion yearsTo reach telescope detectors in northern Chile.

To find the magnetic field, scientists They focused their eyes on the dust at 9io9. When a magnetic field affects dust grains, they line up and emit radiation Light is polarized. A similar approach was used in 2021 when another group of scientists studied the magnetic field surrounding the supermassive black hole at the center. Misira 87.

Observing the magnetic field 9io9 is made possible thanks to gravitational lensing. The light was amplified by a massive celestial body located between ALMA and the ancient galaxy. Thanks to this phenomenon, astronomers made observations earlier Oldest known star Some of the oldest known galaxies.

The 9io9 magnetic field has been completely formed, but it still exists About 1000 times weaker than Earth. Although you have to take into account the fact that the galactic field is much larger and extended About 16,000 light-years away.

Scientists believe that massive star formation in the early universe may have played a big role in its acceleration The emergence of magnetic fields on a galactic scale. However, more observations and more data are needed to understand the nature of 9io9’s magnetic field. It’s all about explaining how and when it was created.

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