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Professor Hazem Kalaji of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) has submitted a patent application for an algal antiviral half mask, which was published by the Japan Patent Office (JPO). The invention can help fight different types of viruses.

The antiviral half mask of algae was developed by prof. Hazmeh Hazem Kalji from Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Dr. Seiya Sato, President of Green’s Green Ltd and an employee at Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences, Japan.

The result is an antiviral algae mask

The reusable mask is designed to protect against influenza viruses and coronaviruses, which scientists believe contain similarly sized particles. For influenza A and B viruses, the particle size is 80-120 nm, a Corona virus About 150-160 nm (although some sources say that the particle size in this case is 60-140 nm).

Compulsory WP: Vote for Tech of the Year and win 5,000 zlotys!

Compulsory WP: Vote for Tech of the Year and win 5,000 zlotys!

The mask contains Hypnum plateforme Wilson moss, which is contained in a thin layer of a transparent substance. It enables photosynthesis, that is, the process of producing organic compounds from inorganic matter while using a mask. This way the viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infection are absorbed.


The invention has undergone numerous tests. In their track, the researchers demonstrated that “the layer of algae after spraying successfully exposed influenza viruses to contact destruction. The same mechanism applies to the entire mask, if the algae or its components are placed in it,” according to the SGGW press release. .

Scientists have already made more inventions and are waiting for the patents to be published. They refer to extract from other plants as an ingredient in antiviral candy and lotion Antivirus To rinse the mouth.

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