Are our decisions controlled by microorganisms?  It’s like our “second mind.”

It has long been said that the intestines are our “second brain,” if only because the digestive system is lined with millions of nerve cells. In addition to this The dense network of neurons is similar to those that make up the cerebral cortexThat is, the kingdom of our memory and intelligence. But now researchers have come up with new findings on this topic The digestive system as the “second brain” – This applies to the microorganisms that inhabit it.

The intestinal microorganism, also referred to as microflora or intestinal flora, is the aggregate of microorganisms, i.e. Bacteria, viruses and fungi live in our digestive system. It plays a major role in our bodies, going beyond digestive functions.

Helke Plassmann and her colleagues from the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute in Paris and the University of Bonn showed that it is likely Changes in intestinal bacteria may affect the decisions we make. The composition of the gut flora is said to influence our sensitivity, sense of fairness, and how we relate to others.

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