Marcin Gortat was distracting Poneka.  It is narrow.  "Now I'm not surprised"

Matthews Bonnetka He is no longer a basketball player in Zenit Saint Petersburg – this is official information, and at the same time the end of a saga that lasted several weeks related to the Toy Captain of the Polish national team in the Russian club.

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“Since the beginning of the war I was determined to terminate the contract”

Ponetka terminated his contract last week, is already in Poland, and on Monday spoke for the first – and apparently only – time about his case. “Since the beginning of the war I was determined to terminate the contract,” he said at the conference.

The former Zenit player noted, inter alia, the ubiquitous criticism of the appearance – the last – of the Russian team. For participating in the meeting in Moscow with CSKA as part of the VTB Games, Ponitce was shocked by fans and journalists, as well as Marcin Gortat.

“Matthews has always been an individualist. He has always walked in his paths. He made a decision that was expected of him… He thought only of himself. There is no greater shock or surprise for me here – he wrote on Twitter Gortat. – Where’s the character? He asked human emotions.

During Monday’s conference, it was evident that Poneka was criticized by the former player NBA At least she wore it. The captain of the Polish national team is dedicated to the former basketball player NBA At least a few minutes of meeting with reporters.

– I heard I lack personality. She played 126 matches with the Polish national team. I wanted to ask Mr. Gortat – where was his character during Eurobasket 2013, and when [jako kapitan kadry] You prevented us from talking to Polish journalists? Or during the 2011 championship, when securing the NBA was more important than playing for the national team? Ponitka asked.

And with each passing moment he was getting more and more intense in the comments. – I personally participated in the NBA coaching. I know what the search and exploration process is like. Now, after so many years in the NBA, I’m not surprised that Marcin Gortat holds his title, a Polish Hammer.

The untold conflict between the current and former captain of the staff has been going on for years. Monday and Matthews BonnetkaThe president of the Polish Basketball Association, Radoslaw Besewicz, referred to Gortat as “Mr. Marcin Gortat”.

Tyrada Poniteke lasted around Gortat for a few minutes. President Besevich also added: – I’m sorry. Marcin Gortat passed the verdict very quickly, and I was hoping he would call him to help Matthews somehow.

The Russians blame the Polish media for the departure of Mateusz BonnetkaThe Russians have their own version of events. They blame the Polish media on Poniteka

Poneka admitted that despite not having social media, he still feels a wave of hatred towards himself. The basketball player also admitted receiving threats from members of his family. – you may [hejterzy – red.] Pour what you like. But the moment my family gets threats, it’s just too much. I’m Polish, I’ve been to every call to acting. We have forgotten that.

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