Cheap coal arrived in Kielce, its cost was 1850 PLN per ton, plus transportation.  Wild crowds in the warehouse.  See photos and a movie

“Get them out! Save them! Get them involved in the village!” The cult scene from the movie “Teddy Bear” by Stanisław Parija has become a very important topic. And all thanks to cheap coal, which was delivered from the Torun mine to the Nowek coal depot located on Kolberga Street in Kielce. The price of a ton of this “precious metal” is 1,850 PLN, and customers must also cover transportation costs. On Wednesday October 5th, crowds of people came to Kielce. See photos and a movie.

Joy mixed with tears here. As preposterous as it may sound, such are the sentiments of the customers who came on Wednesday, October 5th, to the coal depot located in Kielce at 2 Kolberga Street. “Black gold” here will pay 1,850 PLN per ton plus transport, and not much more 3,000 PLN, as in most other warehouses.

Most importantly, coal is sold in a limited quantity of three tons, and Nowek’s regular customers have priority in purchasing it.

– Coal is cheaper because we bought it under special agreements with Torun. However, the interest is so great that I suppose the goods will expire tomorrow, because they are really just a “bite” in a sea of ​​needs

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