An amazing discovery by scientists!  These species squeeze through the intestines and have the ability to reproduce

Tardigrades are very small invertebrates that live in aquatic environments. They are very resistant, they can withstand very high and very low temperatures, drought, cosmic radiation and even … vacuum. It is estimated that more than 1,300 species of tardigrades are known to date, the list is complete time prolong.

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Tardigrades straight out of Harry Potter. The origin of the name

Tardigrades can usually be seen in aquatic environments, but they have the ability Reversible loss of body waterallowing them to colonize relatively dry places, such as sand dunes. This newly discovered species is found in algae and lichens on sandy soils in Rukwa National Park. Her Latin name –Macrobiotus naginae– Comes from characters from the world JK Rowling. Nagini before becoming a snake Lord Voldemort was a woman who transformed into an animal without limbs Limb reduction surgeryOccur in the dune dwellers.

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Survive no matter the circumstances. Tardigrade immunity

Scientists agree that when it comes to small organisms such as tardigrades, their ability is limited to a certain area and depends on the wind and Water. However, they can be tardigrades travel through the snails’ intestines. study that he conducted Scientists from Finland provided direct evidence that these small invertebrates are able to survive by passing through the inner terrestrial snails. In the feces of a quarter of wild snails of the species Arianta arbustorium, active organisms are found.

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There and back. Snail trip for two days

It was found that some of the tardigrades were eaten by tardigrades, and a third of them were still alive after a period of two days. In addition, the samples that have survived a trip were able to reproduce in laboratory conditions. Researchers note that tardigrades in the body of snails during this period are able to cover a distance of 10 meters, which will be practically impossible to overcome on their “legs”.

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