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Tonight during the second conference, Macias and Alberto stormed into the High League 4. The White Widow had to step in. We haven’t seen such fumes in a long time. Montana’s owner called for peace. Below is a video of the entire incident.

Next Saturday, Joseph Brattan will play against Macias. The feud between the two rappers escalated a few days ago when Alberto stated that Macias was afraid of his brother. – Macias is already showing that he is afraid, because you can see after his countrymen call Rondke and hold his side. Simple matter – shattered. Dogs bark at each other, bark behind the fence, and when they are on the other side, the murders are shut down. And that’s all there is to it – said the author of City Jungle.

Macias wants to make a conflict?

Until now, Macias and Joseph Brattan have been very respectful of each other. But something has changed, because Macías said at today’s conference that he would be polite until Joseph Brattan snarled at him. After these words from competitor White Widow, the GM2L competitor started. “He might grow a dog,” Joseph said, accusing his opponent of wanting to start a feud rather than settle everything off-camera. A moment later, Alberto appeared on the stage.

Alberto Macias: “You will be hit with a black rod”

Alberto ran to Macías, throwing his arms toward him. “Come here damn it!” he shouted. Security, from whom Macias tried to escape, rushed to both men. Then Alberto grabbed the microphone from Mr. Pawlowski and said: – Do you want to feel the black taste of summer vacation? You will be loaded into d*psko. I’ll fucking come for you. You don’t play with just anyone. You are a whore to me. You will be r*chany black dick.

The White Widow comes to the rescue

When things seemed to calm down and Alberto was back in the crowd in no time, he ran to Macías again when the latter showed him the middle finger. Alberto stood at the conference table and tried to kick him with all his might. He even managed to grab Macias for a moment, but here again security quickly separated the opposing parties. That’s when Macias’ house band, White Widow, got in on the action. There was a lot of confusion and security was full of their hands. Nothing amazing happened anymore and all the fuss was nipped in the bud.

Pleas of the owner of Montana

Immediately after that, the floor was taken by the media host of the Supreme League. – Great request for both gentlemen. Leave it between you two. Don’t let your mates in, because it escalates to the point that it’s unnecessary – the owner of Montana pleaded.

Macias on black rapper: ‘Monkeys jump for me’

In the end, Joseph Brattan excused his brother’s behavior and said that he, too, would act if he was offended. Meanwhile, Macías summed up the whole conflict in words that some circles might interpret as racism: – Monkeys jump at me. What should I do? – Asked.

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