Barry Keoghan played the Joker.  This may be his puzzle language
Sometimes, in order to play the Joker, you have to ask for the role of Riddler. Such was the case with Barry Keoghan, known for example from the series “The Eternal” or the series “Chernobyl”. Keoghan starred in Matt Reeves’ Batman as The Joker. It has now been revealed that he initially applied for the role of the villain, which was eventually landed by Paul Dano.

Barry Keoghan wanted to play the Riddler

Keoghan told the story of his appearance in Batman in an interview with GQ UK. When he heard that a new movie about the Dark Knight was in the works, he sent Matt Reeves a sample of his skills on his own initiative. I wanted to be a RiddlerThe actor admitted.

Producer Dylan Clark told Keoghan that the role of Riddler was already done – at first Jonah Hill was scheduled to play the character, and eventually Paul Dano starred in the film. However, four months later, the actor called his special agent and said: The Batman crew wants you to play The Joker. But you can’t tell anyone about it.

Material Keoghan sent Reeves for the role of Riddler was shared on Twitter. Check it out below:

Barry Keoghan as Joker

Keoghan only appears in Batman as the Joker for a moment at the end of the movie and remains hidden in the shadows. However, Matt Reeves filmed a scene in which Batman visits his archenemy in Arkham. Although the scene was not included in the film, it was made public.

Keoghan said his Joker was “a bit charming and a little bit heartbroken” and described him as a “broken boy”. I wanted to show a little humanity under this makeup. I want people to get to know him, to know that he’s playing a role on the showadded.

It is not yet known if there are plans for Keoghan to return to the big screen as Joker.

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