Al Ola 2 Episode 222: Aldona and Mark have sex in front of Ola!  Dobrzańska experienced the sharp pleasure of the ex-husband - PHOTOS

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BrzydUla 2, Episode 222: With Aldona, Marek will betray Ola! Dobrzańska witnessed the ex-husband’s sharp fun

In episode 222 of “BrzydUla 2”, Marek (Philip Bobic) will feel free after divorcing Ola (Julia Kameska). At F&D, strange suspicions and observations about Adam’s sister (ukasz Simplat), indifferent to Dobrzański’s charms, are already beginning. In episode 222 of “BrzydUla 2”, Aldona (Elżbieta Romanowska) won’t even imagine how the finally handsome and divorced Marek affects her. Strange things will start to happen under Ola’s nose, and then she’ll become a sex witness on the corporate premises, which will rock her. Be sure to see the gallery of photos and sharp scenes for lovers.

Will Aldona and Mark’s sex turn out to be something more? Ola watched her ex-husband’s actions in episode 222 of “BrzydUla 2”.

In episode 222 of “BrzydUla 2”, the situation between Marek and Aldona gets even weirder. No one doubted that both of them would be interested in each other, and all indications are that they will be close to each other. It should be remembered that in previous episodes of “BrzydUla 2”, Aldona made a date with Dobrzański for dinner, as Adam testified to him. The accountant was speechless at the news that my sister was interested in Marek. I then explained to him that it was only dinner and that there was no need to prove anything. However, Adam was not deceived, and perhaps even the person in question did not believe her words. Soon it turned out that there was indeed a spark between the staff. Will this interest be on the one hand, or maybe a hot feeling will arise between them?

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Ola will see in episode 222 of “BrzydUla 2” that her ex is spending a surprisingly long time with Aldona. He’ll notice smiles, and even see the woman adjust Mark’s tie and treat him kindly. Mina Dobrzańska in episode 222 of “BrzydUla 2” will be a little tricky, but she won’t have much choice. What would she say to her ex-husband? She can’t dictate terms and care about him. It would be obvious that she has a grudge and that she is very sad. Unfortunately, the situation turned out to be more difficult than anyone expected.

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Dobrzańska will be shocked when she sees sex at F&D headquarters in episode 222 of “BrzydUla 2”. Ola will go to an office and look through the glass. There he will encounter a hot scene. Dobrzańska in episode 222 of “BrzydUla 2” will witness sex at the table. Marek and Aldona will have a lot of fun with each other. However, the most important question is whether it will really be a reality, and not a dream or an image of Ula. Often there are scenes in “UglyUla 2” when a woman is just thinking about something, and it doesn’t really happen. Will it be this time? We’ll find out soon.

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