AI learns to talk to animals
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November 2, 2022, 12:37 pm

The latest discoveries in understanding animal behavior will contribute to better animal control in the near future. Artificial intelligence will help discover the language animals use to communicate.

Image source: Pexels | Harvey Sapir.

And the

Offline Google Translate admit More than 100 languages. However, according to the researchers, the time is approaching when contact with animals will reach a higher level.

Interspecies communication

The mere fact that representatives of the fauna have their own language is still controversial in the scientific community. However, some optimistic explorers are trying to communicate with bats, elephants, bees, dolphins, and even coral reefs using drones, artificial intelligence, and digital voice recorders.. Of course, artificial intelligence plays a major role in this task, combing through many recordings to find certain patterns. These include, for example, elephants making separate sounds when they see bees and others when they see Homo sapiens. Both the sounds humans hear and those we cannot access must be used in communication.


Overcoming the communication barrier may lead, inter alia, to: domestication or better control of wild species that have not yet been eager to serve man. Among the scientists’ successes is instructing bees what to do in their hive. In the future, it is planned to place small robots in nests, which should settle in a particular community as members of bee colonies and influence the decisions made by the rest of the community.

Artificial intelligence learns to talk to animals - Illustration #1

Source: Pexels | Miriam Fisher.

Researcher Karen Packer, who deals with the issue of creating a “Google Translator for Zoology,” explains in an interview with FoxThat the potential achievements of science will allow better control of the environment. Sending appropriate signals to the aforementioned corals may trigger processes that favor their regeneration. However, in the case of birds, it will allow you to manipulate the behavior in the positive and negative aspects.

  1. Karen Packer’s website

Artificial intelligence learning to talk to animals - Illustration #2

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