Limanowski District
Number of new infections: 14

Number of infected cases: 2

Number of casualties: 16

Number of new infections per 10,000 population: 1.06.000

Number of re-infections per 10,000 population: 0.15,000

Number of injuries per 10,000 population: 1.21,000 people

Number of deaths: 1:

Diseases associated with COVID-19: 1
– Only because of Covid: 0

Number of people in quarantine 195

Number of checks performed: 150
Number of positive tests: 19


Number of new infections: 765
74 . iterations
Number of injuries 839

The number of new infections per 10,000 residents is 2.24

Number of re-infections per 10,000 Population 0.22

The number of injuries per 10,000 residents 2.46
Number of deaths: 49:

Diseases associated with COVID-19: 41
– Only because of COVID: 8
Number of people in quarantine: 9973

Number of tests completed: 5707
– Including a positive result: 890

10:30 am

We have 18,282 (including 1,931 re-infection) confirmed cases of #coronavirus infection from the following counties:

– Greater Poland (2776),

– Masovian Prefecture (2578),

– Kuyavian-Pomeranian (1839),

– Lower Silesia (1481),

– Silesia (1331),

– West Pomerania (1148),

وودód County (1098),

– Pomeranian (1077),

– Lublin County (873),

– Lesser Poland (839),

– Varmin-Masurian province (834),

– Lubuskie Prefecture (816),

– Świętokrzyskie (515),

– Podlasie County (446),

– Opole (349),

– Podkarkapi Province (192).

90 injuries are untitled data, which will be completed by health inspection.

90 people have died from #COVID19, and 251 people have died from living with COVID-19 with other cases.

The number of people infected with the Corona virus is 56,20946/110858 (all positive/deceased).

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