March 22, 2023


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Tetrataenit (fot. Wikipedia/Rob Lavinsky,

Tetrataenite – a breakthrough discovery by scientists. The end of China’s monopoly on rare earth metals?

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have developed an unprecedented method for producing tetratinite, according to Bloomberg. If the discovery is confirmed, it could mark the end of China’s monopoly on rare earth minerals and make it much easier to manufacture magnets for wind turbines and electric cars.

Scholars went to register. “One billionth of a degree above absolute zero”

Three billion times cooler than interstellar space are the atoms used by the Japanese-American science team to study…

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This year, US President Joe Biden has already spoken out on the issue, calling for more production of materials vital to the economy. The European Union also raised the issue of necessary diversification of supplies. Currently, China controls 80 percent. Supply in the rare earth metals market.

The fears are unfounded. This is the sector that Beijing chose as a bargaining sanction in the trade war with Washington in 2019, openly threatening to halt the supply of raw materials.

However, the monopoly can break the discovery of scientists from the University of Cambridge. The revolutionary method for producing tetratinite could help replace the rare earth minerals needed to make the magnets used in wind turbines and electric cars, according to a Bloomberg report.

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