ZUS reminds of an important change for retirees.  You may lose your interest

“You can earn extra money for your pension, but you have to remember that there are income limits. ZUS will reduce or suspend the payment of benefits. So that one does not experience a reduction in old-age or disability pension, the income may not exceed 70%. Average Monthly Salary” – amounting to sister It adds The exact amounts are: 3960.2 PLN and 7354.5 PLN.

Comment or downgrade

If the income exceeds 3960.2 PLN, the benefit from ZUS will be reduced by the amount of the increase, but not more than PLN 646.67 for annuities and pension for total incapacity for work, 485.04 zlotys for pensions due to partial incapacity for work and 549.71 PLN – for inheritors’ pensions to which one person is entitled. After the PLN 7354.5 limit is exceeded, the feature is suspended.

“The situation is different in the case of the social pension. The social pension will be suspended in December after the total income exceeds 3960.20 PLN. The rules for the suspension of the social pension will change from January 2022. The same rules will apply to the disability pension. Many people who receive a social pension, it means the possibility of Receiving a reduced amount of benefits ”- indicates ZUS.

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