Prezydent Afganistanu Aszraf Ghani wystąpił po raz pierwszy w telewizji po ucieczce z kraju do Zjednoczonych Emiratów Arabskich. W orędziu skierowanym do narodu oświadczył, że wyjechał, aby nie dopuścić do rozlewu krwi. Zaprzeczył również, że ukradł 169 mln dolarów z funduszy państwowych.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani appeared on television for the first time after fleeing the country for the United Arab Emirates. He said in a message to the nation that he went to prevent bloodshed. He also denied that he stole $169 million in state funds.

If I stayed, I would witness the bloodshed. Rich announced. He added that he left the country on the advice of members of the Afghan government.

He also confirmed that he supports the dialogue between Talibanand its predecessor Hamid Karzajem. He also announced that he was “talking about his return” to the country.

I support the government’s initiative to negotiate with (former vice president) Abdullahem Abdullahem And the former president Hamid Karzajem. I hope this operation is successful. He said.

Ghani also denied reports that he took huge sums of money with him when he left the presidential palace in Kabul.

Afghan Ambassador to Tajikistan Mohammad Zahir Agbar Rich has already been accused, He stole $169 million in state money Interpol called for the arrest of the president. He described his escape from the country as “a betrayal of the state and the nation.”

On Wednesday, the UAE authorities confirmed that they had received rich and his family for “humanitarian reasons”.

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