Ukraine.  Andrei Duda on his return from Kyiv: The Russians are waging an all-out war in Ukraine.  Also with women and children

President Andrzej Duda returned to Poland Thursday morning from his visit to Kyiv. These pictures are indescribable. I have no doubt that we must provide Ukraine and the Ukrainians with as much support as possible – he said at the railway station in Przemyel. He also stated that it was “one of those foreign visits that he will remember for the rest of his life”. – Especially the impression left by Borodzianka – he added.

President Andrei Duda visited the Ukrainian capital on Wednesday, where he met, among others, Volodymyr Zelensky. On Thursday morning he arrived in Przemmel, where he admitted at the train station that “this is certainly one of those foreign visits that he will remember for the rest of his life.” – Especially the impression left by Borodzyanka, a town near Kyiv destroyed by Russian planes and missiles – he said.

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President Andrzej Duda: Kyiv is fully prepared to defend itself

The president noted that Borodzyanka was impressed by “the place of clash between Russian and Ukrainian forces, where the remnants of armored vehicles and tanks were destroyed.”

– And the city of Kyiv itself. Kyiv is fully prepared to defend itself. A city you can see has come out of a siege in recent days. But there is no doubt, when you are in Kyiv, when you look at the streets, that you are ready to defend yourself to the end – continued Duda. He added that there were barricades, bunkers, covers of sandbags and trenches dug in the gardens.

The president noted that the most impressive thing was the “extraordinary determination of the defenders of Ukraine to defend their homeland.”

Duda: This is one of the foreign visits I will remember all my lifeTVN24

The President: Crimes must be prosecuted and criminals sentenced

He also assessed that the Russians were waging an all-out war in Ukraine, not only against the Ukrainian army, not only against the Ukrainian volunteers defending the country, but also against women, children and everyone else.

These pictures are indescribable. He said I had no doubts that we should give Ukraine and the Ukrainians the fullest support possible.

He pointed out that “the criminals should be tried and the criminals should be tried.” – Not only those who directly kill, but also those who let them. He also added those who had given them such orders. “I have no doubt that the orders must have been given because these people allow themselves to act like this.” They should be judged – added Andrei Duda.

President Andrzej Duda: The Russians are fighting an all-out war in Ukraine.  Also with women and children

President Andrzej Duda: The Russians are fighting an all-out war in Ukraine. Also with women and children

Duda: If we allow this, humanity will head towards destruction

Duda spoke of the aftermath of war crimes he witnessed during his visit on Wednesday. “If these people indulge in such behavior, they are bound to perish.” But before convicting everyone, the international community must ostracize them completely, simply by exclusion, he said.

In his view, “sanctions, apart from economic sanctions, should consist, inter alia, of excluding international communities or sports organizations, all others.”

– We cannot allow that in the modern world, in the twenty-first century, it is possible to act in this way, because if we allow this, sooner or later humanity will turn towards destruction. Because this is precisely annihilation. He indicated that I had no doubts about that.

Duda added that he firmly believes that “Ukraine will win, that it will remain a free, independent and sovereign country, and that it will remain our neighbor.” – I would like to thank my countrymen once again for helping our guests from Ukraine. He said they are refugees, yes, but we all know very well that they are our guests.

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