Account Hacked |  Hand A against Twitter.  LePage was furious

On the phone, hand A. LePage punctuates his anger with a few expletives. “It really is a estie Bad company,” he sums up. As of Friday, Quebec’s most-followed public figure on Twitter will no longer have access to his account.

Worse yet, since Monday morning, a hacker using his name, specifically his “blue authentication hook,” has falsely sold ten autographed MacBook computers for $550, including delivery.

“I’m angry, but most of all, I feel very sorry for the people who are going to be caught up in this scandal,” explains the host, comedian and actor. With 483,000 subscribers, he believes Internet users will fall for the trap.

Screenshot from Twitter

Guy A. Debunking LePage’s account was journalists Aaron Derfel, Montreal Gazetteand Radio-Canada’s Catherine Gauthier, victim of identity theft on Twitter.

Almost three days after announcing the takeover of his account, Guy A. Lepage still couldn’t believe the bluebird’s “incompetence.” “There must have been a 10-minute game between the moment my account was hacked and when I denounced Twitter at the end of the day. »

A stiff response from customer service: “We’ll get back to you in a few days. »

Wave of layoffs

Guy A. LePage doesn’t remember doing anything — for example, clicking a link — that might have compromised his password. “I don’t feel like I did anything wrong. I feel very badly served by a company that thinks it will charge me $11 a month”, the subscription price Elon Musk plans to keep the blue hook.

According to my subscriber friends, hundreds are already reporting the account. That should raise a red flag on any computer of someone vaguely gifted. It doesn’t seem so.

Guy A. Lepage

In early November, the contractor behind SpaceX and Tesla laid off half of its Twitter workforce worldwide. If the pilot Everyone is talking about it Not making a direct connection between this bleeding and his condition, he continues to collect frustrations on the social network.

Is he not afraid to leave forever the impressive network of subscribers that many envy? Short silence: “Honestly, I didn’t do anything. I am totally disappointed with Twitter. Not for the interesting people I’ve been around for 10 years, but for propaganda, threats – I’ve been arrested a lot. I am very poor service and very disappointed with this company’s service. »

Whether he finds his crown or not, the Quebec king of Twitter is more discreet, if not quiet. “When I lose faith in a company, it’s very hard to get it back. I’m not okay with it. »

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