The A1 motorway needs renovation.  Why was the roof folded there?

Due to damage to the surface, the speed limit on this section of the highway is now 110 km / h. A similar problem also applies to the short section of the S1 road, which is only 300 meters long, in the area of ​​the Pyrzovice junction.

To date, the defective section of the A1 motorway has been repaired under warranty by a former contractor, but the warranty period has expired. Therefore, GDDKiA has announced a tender for a contractor for technical expertise, repair program and design documentation for the damaged section. Road workers want to sign a contract with the contractor in early 2022 and 2023. However, the design work will continue until the first quarter of 2024. In contrast, the planned start date of works is only the beginning of 2025.

The contractor must specify in technical expertise the cause of the highway deformation and how to fix it. He must also obtain administrative decisions, prepare tender documents, participate in preparing answers to questions interested in performing repair work, and supervise the author.

A material swells

However, road workers learned about the experience of scientists from the Silesian University of Technology, who examined the reason for the folding of the roof. According to the research, the damage to the road was caused by the bulge of one of the materials used in the construction of the road.

Survey activities, which were supposed to help define the scope of technical expertise, began a year ago. GDDKiA has performed more than 50 geological research wells. The tightness and technical condition of the rainwater drainage system were also checked. Open excavations were also carried out for the separation strip, road, foundation, frost protection layer and sewage backfill. All samples and results will be submitted to the winning bidder for the study.

Construction of this A1 section began in 2009 and came into service in 2012.

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