365 days.  Magdalena Lamparska got the role at the last minute.  She had a problem

365 days“It is a film that resonates widely not only in Poland, but also all over the world. A film adapted from the thriller novel Blanca Lipinska It struck the minds of foreign viewers, and even received “honours” for awards in Hollywood Golden Raspberry 2021. In terms of publicity, the Polish production was undoubtedly a success. In addition to playing the main characters Anna Maria Cicluca And Michel MoroniShe was also in the cast Magdalena LamparskaWho plays Olga, Laura’s best friend. As revealed in our series “Blegada Live”She landed the role on “365 Days” a moment before filming began. The actress also admitted that it was a great challenge for her.

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365 days. Magdalena Lamparska got the role at the last minute

– Awesome Producer Ewa Lewandowska called me with a proposal late Sunday night. It was very surprising to me. On Monday, Tuesday, we had various conversations with clients, she read the script, and she had to make a decision. I was also after a long conversation with Basia Biaowąs, with Tomek Mandes, with Blanka Lipińska. I made my decision on Tuesday and was on set on Thursday – Magdalena Laparska revealed to us.

The actress indicated that she had some concerns about taking on the “last minute” role. – The movie contains a lot of makeup, and I was worried about whether the wig would be good or invisible. I think we just have to play certain roles. Some roles are ours and some are not – She said.

Olga is a spontaneous and lively girl who says what she thinks and does not avoid profanity. Magdalena Lamparska admitted that she played a completely different person from herself in the movie “365 dni”.

– I’m glad I was able to play someone who’s not me at all. It was such a rollercoaster for me that I was able to make all my dreams come true.

In the first part, they were mostly improvised when it came to my character, and I have a feeling they were remembered – she confirmed and added:

The important thing for me in acting is to do things that are not close to me. The role of Olga allowed me to see not only in the context of the girl next door, but also in the context of the crazy, crazy and vulgar girl that I certainly am not.

In this movie, I just had fun and This fun turned out to be good – Summarized Magdalena Lamparska.

You can find the entire video at the top of the page.

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