Matura 2023 Mathematics Exam.  ANSWERS AND CKE SHEETS [29 września 2022]

Matura Exam 2023. Exam marathon is underway. Students wrote on Wednesday Polish examAnd on Thursday (29/09) they faced the Queen of Science – Mathematics. The beginner math test started at 9. The students had 180 minutes to write the test. CKE states that not all schools have to take the mock exam. – If the school decides to take the test, we suggest taking it under conditions similar to those applicable during the actual test (eg start time to work with the exam paper, students solve the tasks themselves, mark the answers on the answer sheet) – said Dr. Marcin Smolek, Director of the Central Examinations Committee. It is impossible not to pass the mock exam. It aims to introduce the student to stress and to give the opportunity to check his knowledge and prepare better for the real matura exam, which will be held in May.

In the gallery above you will find answers and solutions to unlock tasks from the 2023 math test

Our expert, Dariush Kulma, solved the problems from the mock test in 2023. He is a famous mathematician, honored with the title of Teacher of the Year, who for years has been helping students prepare for the Matura exam via his website.

Matura Math Exam 2023. Formula 2023. Grammar and Recording

Matura Exam 2023 Happening for the first time in 2023 . formula. The test will be conducted on the basis of the test requirements, which have a limited range of core curriculum requirements (for example, limit the number of tasks to prove in the worksheet (to one), there is no problem with geometric proof, remove abbreviated multiplication formulas for third powers, limit From the requirements of the polynomial, reducing the requirements for stereometry, including the complete removal of issues related to rotational solids). You will be able to get the maximum for solving tasks 46 points, including: 29 points – closed missions; 17 points – open tasks. The number of open tasks: 7-13. – The Central Examinations Committee considers it unjustified to issue scores expressed in numbers or letters (as part of the current assessment) based on the results of the diagnostic test in individual subjects obtained by a particular student. Dr. Marcin Smolek of CKE confirms in the statement.

Mock exam. Leaks, papers, responses

The stress on the exam, although it won’t be evaluated, can encourage you to look for leaks. We always remind you not to trust juicy article titles. Even in the event of a leak, the police will take care of it. By accessing untrusted websites or clicking suspicious links, we may inadvertently install some malware. You can find CKE Math Test Papers in this article. We invite you to follow our live coverage Matura Math Exam 2023. Students are losing their minds. “I’ll fall in tears and leave” [Relacja na żywo]

Matura 2023 Mathematics Exam. Answers, Solutions and CKE Sheets

Mathematics papers have been published by the Central Examinations Committee on its website – Just after 9. This time No failure reported, as was the case with the mock exam in Polish. You can also find CKE math test papers in this article. Official answers to tasks will appear on Friday 10. In the gallery above, you can find answers compiled by our expert.


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