Corona Virus.  First Omicron death in Australia

‘This is the first known case of Omicron’s death in NSW,’ the chief epidemiologist said in a short video distributed by regional authorities. New South Wales, Kristen Selvi.

In this most populous state in Australia 6,324 new infections were recorded in the past 24 hours – 70 fewer than the day before, when a record number of injuries were recorded there. There are currently 524 people with COVID-19 in New South Wales (NSW) hospitals – 55 of them are in intensive care units. Three people have died in the last 24 hours in NSW from COVID-19; The 80-year-old with Omikron was one of them.

In line with recently approved restrictions From Monday, NSW has set a limit of one person per square meter in bars, pubs and restaurants; In hospitals and clinics, vaccination certificates must be presented with the generated QR code.

Due to the massive increase in the number of infections, the state authorities are considering lifting the quarantine obligation for medical workers who have dealt with the infected. NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said on Sunday that having them in hospitals could be an even greater necessity in the face of staff shortages.

in the state of VictoriaWhere, as in New South Wales, three people died in the past 24 hours but no Omicron deaths were recorded, a random test for the presence of this variant was ordered “in order to better understand its prevalence”. This was stated by the state’s chief epidemiologist, Jeroen Weimar. The total number of infections in Victoria over the past 24 hours was 1999.

The third case in which coronavirus infections were reported is Queensland. There, 784 infections have been confirmed there in the past 24 hours. “Although we are seeing an increase in the number of infected people, we don’t see any impact so far in terms of the work of the health services,” State Government Chief Minister Anastasia Pallaschuk said on Sunday.

Queensland authorities allow travel between Australian states – but require a test. Everyone who wants to buy a ticket to and from Queensland must submit the results of a PCR test – Prime Minister Palaszczuk emphasized in his address on Sunday.

Agencies say a new wave of infections has come in Australia after existing restrictions were recently relaxed, with interstate travel restrictions lifted and quarantine obligations suspended for Australians returning home from abroad. “The authorities are in no hurry to announce new restrictions, noting that the number of hospitalizations remains relatively low,” Reuters wrote.

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