A police officer who was attacked with a knife in Mannheim, Germany, has died

The 29-year-old officer “underwent surgery immediately after the attack and was placed in a medically induced coma, but died late in the afternoon of June 2 from serious injuries. We mourn the loss of the officer who sacrificed his life for our safety.” “, announced the authorities.

Mannheim Mayor Christian Specht ordered the mourning flags to be hung in the city hall from Monday.

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Knife attack in Mannheim. Six people were injured

As the German news agency wrote, the motive of the 25-year-old perpetrator remains unclear. The man, who was born in Afghanistan and came to Germany as a teenager in 2014, has not been able to be questioned yet because he was shot by police after the attack.

An attacker wounded six people, including a policeman, in an attack on Friday in a downtown market during an event organized by the PAX Europe (BPE) movement critical of Islam. Among those infected was BPE board member Michael Stuerzenberger.

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