A new tourist attraction in Warsaw.  This is the only place like this in Poland.  We have pictures


  1. Wedel is expanding its factory in Warsaw. the pictures
  2. Chocolate factory in Warsaw. When is the opening?
  3. Wedel factory in Warsaw, history

Wedel is expanding its factory in Warsaw. the pictures

The largest investment in the company's history It is built in a renovated building Giant chocolate cubes – The silos located here were previously used to store and process cocoa. The materials and gray bricks arranged with decorative motifs refer to the ancient decorations of the Fidel Factory building and the architectural traditions of Warsaw's Kamiśnik. The terrace at the top of the six-storey building offers a unique view of the Warsaw skyline and Skaryszewski Park.

To the new building, which has an area of ​​more than 8,000 square metres. m2, the production of popular E.Wedel products such as Halwa Królewska, Sezamki and Baryłki will be transferred (together with new machines). There will also be a new R&D laboratory and an expanded Rarities Workshop, i.e. a factory where the products of the E.Wedel Chocolate Pump Room series are handcrafted. This is where you will work Chocolate Museum and the E.Wedel chocolate pump room.

Chocolate factory in Warsaw. When is the opening?

Museum – E Fidel Chocolate Factory It will open its interiors to tourists from Warsaw, Poland and all over the world Fall 2024. Entrance ticket will be given.

On top of the capital's future sweet offering Robert Zidelwho has been running the State Ethnographic Museum for the past three years. – The E.Wedel brand has always been associated with my hometown, so I am happy to be part of the project that will definitely join the list of famous tourist attractions on the map of Warsaw. This is the only place of this size in Central and Eastern Europe, and also refers to the history of the Fidel family, who were one of the creators of the history of chocolate in Poland. by Interactive exhibits, smells, tastes and texturesWe inspire the senses and share our passion for chocolate, allowing our guests to discover the secrets of the unique process of its manufacture – says Robert Zeidel.

– There are few food products in the world so traditional and unique that they are worthy of a museum, because what we eat is not necessarily related to museum exhibits. Such a unique combination becomes possible and acquires a special meaning when a form that is modern and at the same time close to the recipients is associated with a brand that has been very close to Poles for generations, namely E.Wedel – adds Maciej HermannManaging Director of Fidel.

The company invited the famous Warsaw studio BiM Architekci to cooperate in its investment, and the contractor for the construction works is HOCHTIEF Polska. Pracownia WWAA is responsible for the design and implementation of the exhibition at E.Wedel Chocolate Factory, Lunapark Motion Arts Collective is responsible for the multimedia content, and Studio Homework is responsible for the visual definition. Engineering and technical consultancy is provided by ARUP, and issues of accessibility and inclusivity of the space were consulted with the Polska Bez Barrier Foundation.

When creating the new spaces and exhibition portion of the E.Wedel Chocolate Factory, the company collaborated with many lovers of chocolate and the history of the Wedel family, including its employees and local cultural institutions. In addition, as part of open public consultations, the project was presented at meetings organized by the Praga Polodny Municipal Office and approved by the Regional Archaeological Prefect.

Wedel factory in Warsaw, history

Wedel is located in Warsaw a truck Since the 1930s, when Jean Fidel, son of Emile and grandson of Carol, the company's founder, built a production plant here. The factory remains the beating heart of the production of famous sweets.

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