A new opportunity for Orlean?  The game contains a very important refinery in Germany

Russia remains the largest shareholder in the PCK Schwedt refinery Rosneft, which owns more than 50%. Involved. The Brandenburg refinery is essential for fuel supplies to the eastern part of Germany, including the country’s capital, Berlin. It relied mainly on Russian oil, but because of the war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia, it had to find other sources. Then transfer via Gdańsk.

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Russians can sell their shares

As a result of the restrictions imposed on the Russian Federation, German government guardianship was introduced at PCK Schwedt. So Rosneft has shares there, but has lost control of the refinery.

However, according to Reuters sources, Rosneft representatives will travel to Berlin on Friday to meet with government representatives. The aim of the talks is the possible sale of German assets to the Russian giant.

Reuters reported, “Selling Rosneft shares is one of the options that will be discussed at the meeting with Philipp Steinberg, head of the ministry’s economic stabilization and energy security unit.” As the agency source adds, decisions will definitely not be made on Friday.

Reuters asked the Ministry of Economy to comment on the matter, but did not receive any response.

Orlin may be interested in expanding

Orlen was also interested in the shares because of deliveries via Gdańsk, money.pl reported. However, the deal did not happen in the end. However, a potential sale of Russian shares may give the company a new opportunity.

The Polish side encouraged the government in Berlin to resolve the ownership issue in Schwedt as quickly as possible and exclude Rosneft from the shareholding. The Poles were willing to cooperate, but without the Russians – confirmed in June 2023 by the then Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscoa.

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