A large penalty for a heat pump or air conditioner.  There are also rules about imprisonment

The owner of a grocery store on the ground floor of an apartment building had to explain himself to the court for improper use of the air conditioner. As it turned out, the neighbors who decided on this greatly influenced the guy Report him to the police.

It had to do with a lot of noise generated in this case by the air conditioning unit. The Offenses Law (Article 51 Paragraph 1) says: “He who shouts, the noiseWhoever disturbs the peace, public order, night’s rest, or causes a scandal in a public place, is liable to a penalty of arrest, restriction of liberty, or a fine. A large fine – up to PLN 5,000 (the range starts from PLN 20) – although it is worth remembering the court costs, and we can also get a penalty of 30 days of restriction of liberty.

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