5 Messenger Features You Didn't Know.  These tricks will make your everyday communication with friends and family easier

Messenger quickly took over the market as a free instant messenger. Moreover, it is used by Facebook users. The ability to receive and send voice and text messages is a standard thing today. Therefore, the creators are constantly introducing new modifications that surprise us with their usefulness. Check out 5 Messenger Features You Didn’t Know About.


Messenger is a very popular and free instant messenger. Millions of people around the world use it every day. It is intended for both mobile devices and computers.

The app here allows not only text chat but also voice calls or video conferencing. Among its functions we can also find:

  • sending phtos ,
  • Download videos
  • file transfer.

It is owned by Meta under the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg, which is constantly updating the product.

Messenger relatively recently became a separate creation – earlier Messenger was part of Facebook and its internal method of communication between users. He still performs this role, but has gained several freelance jobs from the aforementioned social networking site. You do not need to have a Facebook account to use the app.

However, Messenger has a lot of hidden features that probably not many people know about. They are not particularly hidden in the system by developers, but ordinary users are unaware of their existence and use them sporadically or rarely at all, so they are not spread like the classic sending of text messages, pictures or video conferencing.

In our overview, we also provide tricks that will allow you to improve the experience of using this very popular messenger.

Learn about the features of the Messenger app in front of us


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