48th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia: Magdalena Poczarska talks about her role in the second part of “Little Rose”

Magdalena Poczarska In an interview with Artur Zaborski during the 48th FPFF in Gdynia, she talked about her role in the latest film he directed Jean Kidawa-Blonsky – “Little rose 2“.

“Of course there are roles that leave a very big mark and then end up breathing down their necks. It is a unique situation that the creators, producers and directors decided to give these characters a chance to find their way in modern reality and decided to confront them with it. I know the first part was special and the viewers will hold us accountable for that In this context, such speculations – about how these destinies will be led – have of course accompanied me. […] “When we were making this part, we didn’t need an answer to this question,” says Magdalena Poczarska.

Magdalena Poczarska Thirteen years after the premiere of the first part of “Little Rose” He returns in a triple role. The creators set the actress a difficult task: to play the role of mother and daughter. She wore them in three styles. The makeup took up to six hours Under the supervision of Waldemar Pokromski, a professor of the Polish Make-up School, with whom he collaborated Andrei Wajda Or Steven Spielberg.

“I tried hard not to overdo it. I knew that the makeup and the boldness of my character and my costumes was already such a strong tone that all I could do was try to make it as believable as possible,” says the actress. It particularly worked on differentiating the character’s voice.

In an interview with Interia, the actress titled “Różyczka” admits the following:The role in Kidawa-Błoński’s latest film turned out to be very demanding for her.

“I don’t remember a role that would have pushed me that far and would have required me to concentrate so hard on the work. […] It was a big challenge for me how to present it so as not to overwhelm the viewer with his emotions,” Poczarska admitted.

The film discovers the dramatic truth about the family past of the main character, Kamila Sakovic, and her mother Joanna Warczyska (both played by Magdalena Poczarska). Unexpectedly discovered secrets will force her to reevaluate her entire life and make difficult choices.

Joanna Warczewska has it all: a great love and a thriving career. However, this orderly life is suddenly disrupted by a terrorist attack in which her beloved husband (Paweł Małaszyński) dies. When fate gives Joanna a new chance at life, she is dealt another blow. Someone sends insulting photos and documents to her family, and demands hundreds of thousands of euros in exchange for silence.

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