Film with Magda Mołek recorded at TVP studio 25 years ago conquers the Internet (VIDEO)

Magda Moshek She has been associated with TV for years and has become one of the most Respected journalists. Less than two years ago, I announced that After 16 years, her collaboration with TVN ended. After leaving television, the journalist focused on promoting her name through Your YouTube channel.

Magda Moshek Ruined the TV over 25 years old. During this time, she was known for her exceptional empathy, listening skills, and bold statements. Thanks to her charisma, she has repeatedly encouraged the stars of Polish show business to make passionate confessions and open up to them. difficult topics for them.

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Despite the fact that she developed her career for the longest time in TVN, had the opportunity to collaborate with other stations earlier. For example, 25 years ago she worked in the Wrocaw branch of TVP.

A quarter of a century after the tragic The flood that hit Wroclawa Twitter user shared an article early in the morning “Faktów” on TVP Wrocław from 1997. As it turned out, Magda Moshek was running them. In the registry you can see 21-year-old journalist Transfer news about the deteriorating situation in Wroclaw.

Magda was carefully crafted in a summer jacket with gold buttons. Delicately designed hairstyle was a real hit at that time.

See how Magda Mołek started her career 25 years ago.

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Olsniwaka. Pretty woman.

Cute aging 🙂 Cool granny

She was beautiful and then these patterns were the norm. And now – well – we’re all getting older, he looks great for his age

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I live in Wroclaw since I was born, my age is Magda Moshek. I remember when the first TV specials were created here. Magda Moushik was a broadcaster, she read the news. She was distinguished from others by her wonderful performance. The station itself was yeast free, and the lady Magda was very professional. I was sure he would make a career in media and I was right.

How did this artificial woman first reach the regional, then the national and then TVN? After all, there were a lot of talented journalists and young novices. The bank must have had a sponsor or an influential man who helped her in this!

Elogi reefs for…

1 hour ago

She was always beautiful. Beautiful, everything is beautiful. Even in clothes that now seem comical, pasty is in the past.

Whoever did not survive the flood would understand what was going on around him. MM showed emotions and realism – he made an impression at the time. And today, when a man remembers, he trembles. MM is still a great journalist and an amazingly beautiful woman

I wonder how a 21-year-old student can work on TV. How many journalism graduates were waiting for such a job at the time? Or maybe Madzia knew a gentleman who helped her in her career at the time?

I wonder how a 21-year-old student can work on TV. How many journalism graduates were waiting for such a job at the time? Or maybe Madzia knew a gentleman who helped her in her career at the time?

It is larger than Rozenek

This flood was terrible then. People flooded into blocks of apartments by submerging apartments up to one floor high. unimaginable.

She was beautiful as a very young girl. Beautiful Face. Still very attractive. With age, a woman acquires not only wrinkles, but also elegance and refinement. A minor is rarely a female

It’s amazing that such an unpleasant woman could have made a career as a TV journalist.

I have a lot of twig vaults

Beautiful women, despite the fact that they look after themselves terribly, are very old. This is a beautiful woman, wrinkles upon wrinkles. My aunt is her age, but my face definitely doesn’t have cosmetic benefits, like Magda and many more. Sharon Stone and movie stars also look tragic, or in the case of these ladies, all these benefits harm their beauty?

But the wrinkles are in the last picture

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