“19.30” Error regarding “Shelters” list.  We have checked the movies that were broadcast on TVP

The name “shelf life” comes from the time of the Polish People's Republic. This was the name given to the film whose distribution was prohibited by censorship during the Communist era. The word refers to storing rolls of film on shelves.

The new host of “19.30”, Zbigniew Łuczyński, announced the list of “shelters”. – Colonel of Law and Justice. The TVP Film Editorial Bureau had a list of banned films – He said as he announced the material written by Blanca Dugajay.

In the material I talked about, among others: Agnieszka Holland, Jerzy Želnik and Maciej Sture.

The list of banned films included 17 films, such as: “Citizen Jones,” “Man of Marble,” “Iron Man,” “Citizen,” and “Aftermath.” Directors whose films have been blacklisted include Agnieszka Holland, Crystina Janda, Andrzej Wojda, Jerzy Sture and Władysław Pasikowski.

“19.30” screen

List of shelves on TVP

But upon examination, it turned out that a large portion of the films appeared on TVP channels even before the changes in power that took place on December 20.

  • “Citizen Jones” was broadcast on TVP Kultura on December 1 and 2, 2023.
  • “Pestka” was shown several times on TVP Kultura and TVP Woman in 2021-2023
  • “My Mother's Lovers” was broadcast on TVP1 in 2017 and 2018 and in 2017 on TVP Kultura
  • “Man of Marble” can be watched on TVP Kultura on November 6 and 8, 2023.
  • “Iron Man” was broadcast on TVP Kultura on November 13 and 15, 2023.
  • “Zieja” was shown on TVP1 on April 8 and 10, 2023.
  • Viewers can watch “Good Morning, I Love You” on December 26, 2020, June 4, 2021 and June 5, 2021 on TVP1. In May 2021, the film was broadcast twice on TVP Seriale. In the same year, he also appeared three times on TVP Woman. It was last broadcast on June 18, 2023 on TVP Seriale
  • The program “Friendship Without Borders” was broadcast on June 20, 2023 on TVP2
  • “Fun, fun” is a movie that was broadcast in December 2021 on TVP Woman. In June 2022, it was shown on TVP2 and twice in October on TVP Kultura. The film was also shown three times this year on TVP Woman, once on TVP2 and twice in September on TVP Kultura.
  • “Skłodowska” was shown on 23 and 25 November 2023 on TVP Kultura.

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