Zakharova appeals to the West.  He has a “way” to end the war

Maria Zakharova is famous for her relentless political attacks on all opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his policies.. Implementing the Kremlin's propaganda message, Zakharov blindly attacks Western countries, the European Union, NATO and Washington.

Recently, in her propaganda speech, she presented her idea to end the war in Ukraine. It's so ridiculous.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharov said: The sooner the West realizes that the solution to the Ukrainian conflict it caused can only be achieved by achieving the goals of a “special military operation,” the sooner peace will come.

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Anton Herashchenko, Chancellor of Ukraine Ministry of Internal AffairsShe, who shared a video clip with Zakharova on social media, commented strongly on the Russian spokeswoman’s words.

By “peace” he means the destruction of Ukraine. Look at Bakhmut, Marinka, Severodonetsk and countless other Ukrainian cities where Russia has brought “peace,” the Ukrainian politician asserts.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman repeatedly spoke about the war in Ukraine. Zakharova believes that the West is “flooding the criminal regime in Kiev with weapons, training Ukrainian forces, and sending mercenaries and intelligence to Ukraine.”

She then described the Ukrainian counterattack as a “failure.”. She also criticized the 10-point peace plan proposed by Volodymyr Zelensky. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman wrote: “Russia will not accept this.”

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