March 27, 2023


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Yahaira Plasencia Photo Times Square New York: "From Peru to the World!"  Celebrity Story |  Performances

Yahaira Plasencia Photo Times Square New York: “From Peru to the World!” Celebrity Story | Performances

Through his Instagram account, As part of the Spotify campaign, he enthusiastically announced that his photo had appeared in the famous Times Square in New York.

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Saas Boat was delighted with the recognition and said he would dedicate the achievement to his band, his country and his parents, who have always supported him in his music career.

“From Peru to the world! Today they sent me this photo from New York and I am so excited because the professional and humble effort has begun to pay off! I’m working hard to make my parents, my team and my country proud of my hard work. “Yahaira Plasencia wrote.

As part of Spotify’s Equal campaign, his followers and friends greeted the sauce boat for his photo appearing on one of the giant screens in Times Square.

Yahra Placencia was delighted to appear in New York’s Times Square

Announces Dance Academy

She has been stopped as a salsa singer to make every effort to open her own dance academy. During workshops for adults and children, Sauce Boat will become a teacher next to ‘Activator Kitty’. .

Through his social networks, the singer announced the launch of his new project ‘La Academy’, where he will present dance workshops for children, youth and adults.

“I’m already finalizing the details, because we’ll start the Yahra Placencia” La Academy “summer dance workshops on January 31st. We have all the protocols, so they can be registered.”The broth boat pointed out.

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