Xbox once again with better sales than PlayStation in Japan.  Results confirm poor availability of Sony consoles

In recent years, a certain hierarchy has been built up in the Land of the Rising Sun when it comes to the video game market. Of course, the Nintendo Switch has the most success there, which has been winning the hearts of other Japanese gamers since its debut. Sony consoles have always been a close second, and the US Xbox is far behind (mostly even behind the 3DS).

But now we’re seeing amazing photos. As it is the result of the latest ratings published by Famitsu, it collapsed last week 3272 Xbox Series X and 3423 Xbox Series S. For comparison, when it comes to PlayStation 5, the standard edition is 2,371 copies, and the digital edition is an additional 664 copies.

So we’re talking about weak console sales for the American tech giants. This is the best evidence of the unstable availability of Sony equipment. This is best read when looking at the general dimension. Although this week we were able to sell a relatively large number of Xbox consoles compared to the PlayStation, it was from the premiere of the next generation. 1.69 million PlayStation 5 and 232,000 Xbox Series X sold | S in Japan.

Furthermore, this is only the second time recently that Microsoft’s hardware sales have exceeded Sony’s (on a weekly basis). Previously, we had this situation a month ago, and before … Only in 2014, when the Xbox One debuted. Is this proof that the Xbox Series X | S enjoy a lot of success? Well, without a doubt – however, it’s still far from saying that it displaces the PlayStation from the Land of the Rising Sun.

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