Xavi was angry during the first half of the Barcelona match.  Lewandowski also took a hit, and that’s what he heard

It was not the most enjoyable break for the Catalan players. Their coach allegedly entered the locker room cursing, kicking and hitting everything in his way before finally standing in front of the board and hitting them. He started screaming: “It can’t be like this, it can’t be like this“.

But this is just the beginning. Xavi He had to rip his jacket, had several stitches coming out, and accused his team of lacking heart, spirit and ambition. He did this by constantly screaming without any pause, resorting to all kinds of curses and making it clear that he had no intention of stopping.

“I want you to run like pigs,” he shouted. This time he clearly indicated exactly who he meant.

According to what was reported by “Mundo Deportivo”, and what was later confirmed by “AS”, it turned out that one of the players to whom these words were directed was Lewandowski.

Let’s see if you start turning the fuck on

~ These were the words that Xavi was supposed to address to the Polish striker.

However, not all of them were “guilty.” Joao Felix and Andreas Christensen did not start in the second half. The former could not come to terms with the matter, while the latter accepted the coach’s decision to resign, but also professionally.

F.C.B. Xavi’s anger had its effect

“Pride of Catalonia” ranks third in the table with 38 points. The next day, leaders Girona lost points, and only tied in Seville with Betis 1-1.

Barcelona will return to competitions on January 4, when it will face Las Palmas outside its stadium in the Spanish League. After that, she will face Barbastro in the 16/1 final of the Copa del Rey (January 7), then a match in the Spanish Super Cup, where her semi-final opponent will be Osasuna Pamplelona (January 11).

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