June 7, 2023


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x-kom apologizes for Hansel Kabila's Black Friday advert

x-kom apologizes for Hansel Kabila’s Black Friday advert

The horror “Black Friday” was to tell the story of several influencers who decided to go on a trip out of town together. Once there, it turns out they have to deal with the unexpected effects of global warming. Electronic devices are crazy – we read in the description.


Hansel Kabila in “Black Friday”

The main roles in the film were played by well-known influencers from the world of new technologies: Kinga Kojawska, Shanita “Shiana” Shujas, Piotr “Zimniak” Lata, and Carol “Hutson” Hatney. The resort’s demonic receptionist was played instead Hansel Capella, writer, poet and journalist who also wrote the screenplay for “Black Friday”.

I was surprised myself that x-kom made me such an offer. When I asked them why I am writing this script, they replied that they think we have a very similar sense of humor and aesthetics. hehe. And it is very nice, as a rule, for soulless companies to appreciate such anti-capitalist acts as my comment by Jao Kabila, author of the “Black Friday” script.

The movie was shot in Forest Escape, an outdoor escape room.

X-kom apologizes for Jan Kabila’s involvement

The horror movie “Black Friday” was scheduled to premiere on Thursday, November 25th. The movie was to be broadcast on YouTube Xcomo At around 11:40 p.m., the premiere was canceled

The “Black Friday” premiere scheduled for Thursday night has been cancelled. The reason for this decision is the wrong choice by us of one of the participants in the project. The decision to involve Jan Kabila was not thoughtful and not supported by sufficient analysis. The actions and ideas presented by Jaś Kapela are at odds with our corporate values ​​and we are moving sharply away from them. We promise to make changes that will prevent a similar situation in the future. We take responsibility for our mistake. Sorry – stated in the ad from X-com.

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We made a mistake in the analysis phase – x-kom spokesperson Kamil Szwarbuła told the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal, adding that the store’s communication on the occasion of Black Friday will remain the theme of the horror film, the only change is the withdrawal of “Black Friday”.

– It turned out that my horror was so terribly anti-capitalist that it was banned – summed up on Twitter by Hansel Kapela.

On Wednesday, Jaw Kabila published an entry in which he attacked the Border Patrol, referring to the Barbara Cordage-Demon case. – Hey, I also insult Straz_Graniczna almost every day and nobody divorces me – wrote a publicist.

Ja Kapela gained huge popularity after his participation at the end of May this year. In “Hejt Park” on the sports channel. The band tried to defend the copy fee, and host Krzysztof Stanovsky criticized it sharply. At the end of the conversation, Kapela took 700 zlotys from Stanowski to participate in the program.