Armoires BMM is seeking $4.9 million in a la facture

Although the Régie du bâtiment withdrew the contractor’s license from Armoires PMM on the grounds that it was using a nominee, the kitchen furniture company sued the project. Bill Radio Canada.

• Read more: Régie du bâtiment du Québec: License of Armoires PMM revoked

The lawsuit, filed in Montreal court, alleges several errors in the report, which was published in September 2021. “In the report and article Mr. There are misrepresentations about Jean-Noël Lacroix’s involvement in the company. […] As a result, Mr. Maxime Morenci would have acted as nominee”.

According to the document, Jean-Noël Lacroix, when he was “a simple subcontractor”, “falsely claimed to be the owner of the company”, i.e. sales director. Maxime Morency Armoires claims to be the sole owner of PMM.

The motion to institute proceedings asserts that the plan is merely a “pretext” to talk about the past problems of subcontractor Jean-Noël Lacroix.

According to the Quebec company this report is of genuine public interest and free from defamation. Armoires PMM is seeking $4.8 million in canceled contracts and $100,000 in reputational damages due to the loss of customers.

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