Will the PS5 get two new games from the PlayStation catalog?  Sony can access the forgotten IP address and its value

2022 is a very active year for PlayStation, which is busy not only in terms of game releases, but also in terms of sharing information about PS VR2. It seems very likely that the Japanese manufacturer will have a few more surprises – unofficially there is talk of the possibility of “reviving” two slightly forgotten brands that could boost the PS5 catalog.

Speculation about the next PlayStation Studios productions is returning like a boom, causing the hearts of many older IP fans to beat faster. We recently reported a rumor that Sony will reach a well-known position and share a specific ad in 2022. It looks like the title is already 70% ready.

AccountNGT, an insider who regularly shares behind-the-scenes information about the Quantic Dream, also addressed the issue a bit, and also received news of new games targeting PlayStation consoles. In his opinion, Sony wants to return two IP addresses to the market: Sly Cooper and Infamous.

“I can confirm that we are working on the new Sly Cooper and the new Infamous.”

Rumors that the Japanese will propose a new part of the inFamous series appear regularly among industry watchers, but the delight of many fans still required one: the official Sony announcement. At the same time, there is talk of a studio that could take an interest in the project, with the main team of Sucker Punch Productions likely working on a new part of Ghost of Tsushima – a position suggested by recent job postings.

Interestingly, These two mentioned IPs are developed by Sucker Punch Productions – In 2002-2005, the three main parts of the Sly series debuted (in 2013, Sanzaru Games also proposed Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time), while inFamous was developed from 2009 to 2014.

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